Friday, January 25, 2008

Endgame Realisation

How good is your endgame technique? Definitely superior to mine, that's for sure.

I recently played this endgame.... or rather, misplayed this endgame.

I managed to convert this endgame... again, playing the 2nd line which Fritz recommended and again, I missed the stronger line. In fact, the difference between the suggested 1st and 2nd lines were so wide, I was surprised I missed it totally.

White just captured my pawn with
47. Rxe3

How would you proceed from here?

[In the game, I played

48.Ke2 Rxe3+
49.Kxe3 Kxh5
after which I proceeded to win by marching down my pawn.

However, the strongest continuation was:
48.Kf2 Ra2+
49.Kg3 Rxe3+
And I win White's Rook]


  1. Yay! I suck too!

    It's harder to see this stuff when there's not a "Black to play and win" card at the bottom of the board.

  2. i play endgames the way solid gold floats on water. i know, when i get to an endgame, i've lost.

  3. liquideggproduct,

    I know how you feel. As you make moves on the board, no one is going to sit next to you and say,"Hey, that's a mate in 5!"


    don't beat yourself up over it, dude. my endgame knowledge is just as bad.

    the only thing is we just have to work harder at it.

  4. The Rook & Pawn ending you simplified down into was a theoretical draw. The important thing's that you knew more about how to win that ending than your opponent did. :)

  5. Hmm... it was a theoretical draw? *surprised* i didn't realise that my opponent could draw until you mentioned it.

    now i know why i suck at chess. *grin*.

    thanks for the note.