Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kramnik Lost To The Topalov Noshake Gambit

Remember how Topalov used to have dreams of him and Kramnik walking in the park in Moscow and visiting a nightclub together?

Clearly, Topalov isn't dreaming of him much these days not especially since Kramnik got married, not to Topalov, mind you, but to Kramnik's French girlfriend.

Today, neither of them offered to shake each other's hands. Maybe Topalov suspects Kramnik just came from the toilet and didn't wash his hands. *tsk tsk*

I'm sure there will be plenty of analysis from the Topalov-Kramnik game from other chess websites especially when Topalov sacrificed a Knight followed by a Queen. The game was apparently all home made preparation by Cheparinov and not discovered OTB. Probably the best game of the tournament so far.

Kramnik could find no suitable defense and was subsequently crushed (yes, crushed as Topalov proceeded to make mincemeat out of the ex-world champion) and tonight the Bulgarian camp will be busy getting herpes, .......... I mean....... getting drunk. ;)

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