Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Incommunicado For A Few Days

Yes, folks, I'm flying out of Sydney early tomorrow morning to visit my folks and in-laws for 3 weeks of R and R. In the meantime, I'll try to blog as much as possible. For my trip, I'm bringing a couple of chess tomes and a few Chess DVDs to keep me occupied. I'll see if I can sneak a tournament chess set into the luggage without my wife noticing. :)

Take care, everyone.


  1. Have chess set will travel! Too bad I didn't know you when I came to Sydney in 2004. I would have loved to check out the local chess scene. Though our schedule was pretty tight.

    Thanks for the kind words regarding my blog. :-)

  2. Have a great time, and some chess if time permits. :)

  3. Correction:

    Dennis Monokroussos is not an IM

    Have a great vacation.

    Getting to 2000