Monday, August 20, 2007

Social Chess

On Saturday, I invited my cousin-in-law Linger, her friend William and my brother-in-law for a very relaxed game of transfer chess. It was very fun. It's a pity my nephews couldn't come as I would very much have loved to see them again.

After her friend William left, Linger (who was a tad rusty - she stopping played chess for a long time - she's a very good player) and I started to play a simple game (at the insistence of my brother-in-law, Steven). We started out with a typical Nimzo Indian opening and the game concluded in a very peaceful draw.

Currently, she doesn't have any chess sets available and was thinking of getting one. Maybe I'll get one for Linger for her Christmas present.

She will be moving near my suburbs soon and I hope she joins the local chess club. She would make an interesting opponent.

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