Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lightning Blunder

Last night, I went to my local Ryde Eastwood League chess club and participated in the lightning chess tournament.

Horrible, against opponent after opponent, I blundered under 5 minute time controls (this means that both players must finish the game within their own 5 minute allotment. The game thus can only last to a maximum of 10 minutes).

In one game, I managed to obtain the following position (see inset). I was White. White is doing alright. His pieces on the queen-side is very active and Black has been denied counter-play of any sorts.

I was thinking.... what should I play? Maybe Ra7 and put more pressure on Black's b-pawn? Or maybe Qd2 then g5 to attack on the kingside, thereby creating 2 weaknesses in Black's camp? Or Qa3 solidifying White's position on the a-file?

No, I chose Nxd6, which loses the game instantly as my opponent replied Qc1+ and I lost to a mate in 2. Nice one, Sherlock!

Afterwards, Steven showed up and we played 3 to 4 games at longer time controls. Naturally, I lost all my games. Do you see a trend here? Hehe.

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