Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sad State of NSW State Championship

From Peter Parr's news:
"The NSW State Championship and supporting tournaments at Parramatta RSL attracted a very disappointing entry of 32 players.There are well over 100 active NSW players rated over 1900 for the title event but only 4 entered. Three other players agreed to be promoted making the event only six games.Greg Canfell,the defending champion,is the only player to compete in 2005,2006 and 2007 and no other player ranked in the top 20 has competed in any of these 3 years.
This is the 90th NSW Championship started in 1901.The record entry is 188 and in 1988 7 divisions were held with 140 players.Canfell,5 time winner, was 2nd in the 103 player events in 1990. The lowest entry 1991-1996 was 92 in 1994. There have been eleven different Sydney CBD venues in the last 40 years. 1999 saw 68 at Burwood,2001-58 at Parramatta. Entries at Ryde-Eastwood 2002-2006 were 81,72,69,45,47. The solution is not easy with no permanent chess centre - Eleven evening rounds as in the 20th century rather than afternoon rounds in the 21st century,a less crowded NSW calendar,state membership a requirement to be rated,a central venue,personal invitations to the leading players,a major sponsor and nine months planning are some ideas."

It's really sad to see entry levels being at such record lows for a state championship.

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