Thursday, August 30, 2007

Easy Puzzle

This occured in my FICS blitz game today. Black has just played 1.... Qh2. What should White play?

Black has inadvertently left the Bishop on h6 en prise.

Should White play 2. Rxh6?

I pondered over this for a while. I was worried about the following line 2. Rxh6 Rde8+ 3. Re6 Rxe6+! 4. dxe6 Bxf3+ 5. Kxf3 Qxh3+ 6. Ke2 (and Black has a pressing attack at the sacrifice of a Bishop and I didn't want to allow that). The pawn on h3 is en-prise as well. What should I do?

Highlight the text below for the move I played to win:
Rh1 (White wins)

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  1. This feature.. highlighting the text to see the answer brilliant idea..