Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chess Players Are A Pretty Sad, Lonely Bunch

You know your hobby is not acting in your best interests and is probably affecting your social life when one of your favourite websites starts doing product placements like this:

Could be worse. My first reaction was that one of my favourite GMs, Sergei Movsesian underwent a really amazing sex-change operation.... (that's because tends to put the player's photos at the exact same spot where the ad is).

Hmm..... I wonder how many hits that advertisement generated.


  1. Sex = money.

    This is one of the few concepts you need to understand to be successful at life.

  2. amen brother.

    russian women are my idea of perfection.

  3. LEP: That's why I am not successful. LOL.

    dk: :)

  4. I'm obviously not part of the demographic they were looking to attract with that ad. :-Þ