Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Ozone Layer

As most of you realised, there is a big hole in the ozone layer over Antartica.

Because of this, fellas like us living in Australia literally get sun-baked.

It also has the unfortunate side-effect of making Australians do crazy things like falling in love with the "barbie" aka. BBQ and making Crocodile Dundee and Mad Max movies.

But have you ever wondered why there is such a huge gaping hole in the ozone layer in the Southern Hemisphere?

I have found the answer by accident.

It's not carbon emissions, heck it's not even cows' "emissions".

The true problem:

Air Hostesses

On my flight back to Sydney on British Airways, after checking in, settling into the passenger seat with most of the other passengers seated, BA air hostesses proceed to spray deodorant by the cans (with one in each hand) and all four of them walked up and down each aisle in turn, with fingers fully pressed on the nozzle. The whole plane was covered in deodorant "mist" when they're done. It was so bad, a few of the passengers (including myself) were coughing.

A good thing no one decided to lit up a cigarette at this time. The culprit might be accused of being a terrorist.

Either a passenger who has a really bad BO (body odour) came on board or they're secretly carrying out their dastardly deed of trying to enlarge the hole in the ozone layer and trying to ransom the UN for One Million Dollars! (cue: Dr. Evil).

I had a pretty nice one week break albeit it was a very short break. Now it's back to the grind and work beckons tomorrow.

Incidentally, I managed to pick up a Chessbase DVD in the midst of my travels. It is Daniel King's PowerPlay 6 DVD. I'll do a review of it in due time once I've looked through them.

For now, I'm dead tired and sleepy and need to catch some snooze.


  1. I think you'll enjoy King's DVD. Much of it is devoted to playing with and against the isolated queen's pawn. Very informative.

  2. After such scientific discoveries usually the following happens:
    1.Researchers will find a reason that a hole in the ozone layer is actually quite good and necessary for the persistence of the earth/mankind
    2.When the hole suddenly closes they are going to collect money for its preservation

  3. greg: thanks! i'm actually quite excited abt it and look forward to watching it.

    Temposchlucker: lol!