Sunday, May 25, 2008

Out Of Shape, Out Of Touch

Boy, am I not only out of touch with chess, I am also badly out of shape.

I logged onto FICS and promptly got caned in 10 successive games.

Fun, fun, fun.....

Tomorrow I intend to take my module exams for module 3 and 5. The end of my school term is fast approaching and I cannot be lax now with the final hurdle and graduation from this class just 5-6 weeks away.

As for chess, I need to rework from basics all over again. I've forgotten some of the lines I played in response to 1.d4 and 1.e4 and I suddenly found myself ho-humming just 4 moves into the some of the games.

The problem herein I feel is that after studying chess, not all of it gets into long-term memory so I would need to re-train my brain when the time comes.

That means on Wednesday morning and lunch-time at work, I need to cram in my opening repertoire and sharpen my tactical and positional skills again.

I need to start playing blitz the odd while so that I can remember the moves.

On a separate note, dk and Phaedrus have started a collaboration on a global eBook for middlegames. If you are interested and have the necessary time to help them out, please drop them a note on the link. It's a massive undertaking and I sincerely hope that this project becomes successful.

That's all for now.


  1. thank you...

    quite honestly, i was reaching down here to make a comment BEFORE seeing any attribtion, to say hello, so, so, so, SO very busy here, and i too have lost as many or more in a row before.

    chess skill is a unstable isotope, of which its existence can only, at a certain level, be kept by constant vigelence.

    warmest, and love to you... its late, got to run, literally in from run, and now must do CTS.


    BTW, thanks for mention. so kind of you! according to an honestly not unkind comment by BDK, while our marketing was 'way over the top' in his opinion, he also saw this as a most worthwhile effort.

    believe you me, i leave no stone unturned, as you already well know!

  2. cya dk, and thanks for your comments. gladly appreciate it.