Thursday, May 22, 2008

NSWCA Grade Matches: I'm In The Under 1400 ??

Okay, much to my surprise, I got put into the Under-1400s group for the Grade matches (??). I know I am not rated but the looks on the faces of Shane and Joshua were priceless when I told them I got signed up to that group - which brought much reaction in the form of "what-the-heck" (?)

I've sent an email to Les asking if something could be done to move me to the under-1600s instead (although I doubt it'll happen). I had a quick look at some of the teams for this group. There's a couple of players in there whose rating is 1400++.

Van Elmpt, Martin (1448), Manly
Macgillivray, Ken (1421), Rooty Hill
Lee, Marco (1388), St George Saints
Sewell, Bob (1429), Parramatta
Keuning, Patrick J (1358), St George Dragons

I've a feeling that I'm certain to meet at least one of these players considering I'm on Board 1 and there's a very good chance these players have probably improved since their last rating.

Lately, I find my chess skills deteriorating (alarmingly) and have been putting up dismal performances.

Take for example, last night. That was a horror showing from yours truly, who played quite a number of 10 minute blitz games against Vasey (1029) and I lost approx. 9 games out of 10.

Subsequently, Steven and I got a few blitz games as well and I only got 1 decent win out of 4 or 5 games against him.

Dang, I am just terrible at blitz chess. Plain and simple, I play crap chess at 10 minute time controls. My brain starts operating at 1 ply mode and it became a game of I-see- a-move-I-make-a-move reactionary chess. Maybe I should dunk my head in water.

Steven reckons that I become too eager and have a tendency to make a mess of middlegame positions. Frankly, I'm not surprised.

Vince Chiara lost to Arthur Hunyh last night so that means I got into the playoffs with the 1700++ group for the Club Championship. I expect a +0-8=0 rout.


  1. I haven't played blitz in awhile. I wonder how poorly I would do.

    Maybe they put you in the U1400 so you would have a very good chance of winning? Congratz on making it to the clubs championship playoffs. :)

  2. Thanks, likeforests.

    I dunno why they put me in there.

    Anyway, I've put up an update for the Grade matches.