Thursday, May 8, 2008

Not Outsmarting Your Competitors

The curse of being a chess player strikes again.

Yesterday afternoon, Steven and I went down to a local bookstore to pass some time. I walked past this book on the shelf and it caught my eye instantly.

Other than the smug looking idiot on the book cover, guess what's wrong with the picture?

Alert chess players will see it instantly.

On the cover, if you're having the dark pieces and the idiot is having the white pieces, on which side should your king be on and vice versa?

Maybe the book is hinting that one of the ways of outsmarting your competitors is to play the role of the fool.


  1. lol. He's not the sharpest fellow.

  2. hahaha that's funny... and that dude looks decidedly ridiculous.

  3. This is too precious.

    The only hope for this is that setting up the board wrong is just a way to check out how easy it will be to outsmart your competitor.

  4. Imagine how many people must have seen this before the book was printed and who were totally unaware of the idiocy of it:)

  5. To everyone, it gave me a huge laugh as well. The guy on the cover definitely made my day.