Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Death Of A Chess Laptop

All of my chess stuff is stored on my laptop and yesterday, it decided to gasp its last breath .... for good.

The HDD is probably recoverable (together with most of my tournament results+opening repertoire as well as some Chessbase videos and Chess.FM videos) but unfortunately I can't get to it. My wife has a laptop but I don't feel like "usurping" her laptop for my chess stuff and I don't think that's fair.

So for now, I will have to scale back my chess stuff and find another way to record my chess stuff. I was also in the midst of preparing my opening repertoire and now I guess I have to resort to pen and paper instead of having a laptop to replay my moves.

Just Grrrrrrr......... eeeeeat!

One of my network administrators at work says I could probably get a refurbished laptop for cheap and gave me a weblink. I scoured the weblink and it looks interesting.

Some of the old laptops with 80GB HDD + 1 GB RAM and a Celeron are less than $300. I am quite tempted to get one of these but the missus might have something to say about spending more money on chess than is required.

Considering how much time and money I've already spent on chess videos, I don't think I can run this past her.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering why I have not been blogging much about chess stuff, it is because I'm right now in a lull period and taking a rather extensive break from chess after the Ryde Eastwood Club competition.

There's nothing on for me tomorrow at the club so I'm not sure if I want to go there anyway. I may instead want to stay at home and check out King's latest DVD.


  1. "I need a laptop for work."

  2. That sucks big time... I feel your pain.

    My home computer is a laptop, and it's overdue for replacement. One of the things that keeps me from buying a new computer is the dreadful notion of migrating all my stuff - including all my chess stuff.

  3. LEP: She knows I don't need a laptop for work. When I suggested I wanted a new laptop, her first words were,"... for chess, right?" Nothing escapes this woman, I tell ya.

    Chessaholic: Better keep a backup handy! :)


  4. Ugh...

    This happened to me about a year ago, I still miss a couple databases that are now lost for good.

    Sorry this happened to you, but some good may come out of it. When you get a new computer you can start a fresh approach, change some things about how you use databases. I know I had a much more refined approach when my computer crashed than I did when I first started creating databases, so my databases now are a lot more useful for the most part.

  5. drunknknite: you're probably right. i might go about doing things maybe slightly better.

    i guess when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up.