Friday, May 23, 2008

Update On Grade Matches

Les Mikolajczyk has replied to my email regarding my participation in the Grade Matches. So instead of moving to the U-1600, I'm now shuffling between 2 divisions, both the U-1400 and the U-1600. It looks like there were players who either could not travel or could not play on those dates. So I got drafted in. In addition, Les also mentioned that I might be asked to fill in in case some people cannot make it.

So now my updated schedule looks like this:

U-1400: 28 May (Wed): Ryde Eastwood vs St George Dragons
U-1400: 02 Jun (Mon): Rooty Hill vs Ryde Eastwood
U-1600: 03 Jun (Tue): North Sydney Grizzlies vs Ryde Eastwood
U-1400: 11 Jun (Wed): Ryde Eastwood vs North Sydney
U-1600: 17 Jun (Tue): St George Dragons vs Ryde Eastwood (or)
U-1400: 17 Jun (Tue): St George Saints vs Ryde Eastwood
U-1400: 25 Jun (Wed): Ryde Eastwood vs Manly
U-1400: 02 Jul (Wed): Ryde Eastwood vs Parramatta
U-1600: 08 Jul (Tue): Nth Syd Brown Bears vs Ryde Eastwood

Well, I obviously can't play on both boards simultaneously against St George on 17th June so one board will have to give.

I'm a bit worried on that day as well. The final exam for my studies is some 5 weeks away so it would be around that time for both my final theory and final exam (after that, it's no more studies for me). I'll just have to see how it goes.

In the U-1600 group, my club didn't play well unfortunately on Tuesday. Vince Chiara, Dennis Hale, James Hickey and Les all lost against the players from St George.


  1. How's going? That's why you need a reserve in your team, just in case you don't have the time.

  2. Hello,

    Things are plodding along...

    Although sometimes, I get the feeling that chess players are a bunch of egoistic, rude social misfits. ;)

  3. Speak for yourself mate!

  4. Ok Brian, how about 9 out 10 them?