Saturday, September 15, 2007

Combination #2009-09-15

This game was taken from Botvinnik's 100 Selected Games. The year was 1927. Young Mikael Botvinnik, at the age of 15, participated in the Leningrad tournament in a strong field of 6.

His opponent in Black here was Grigoriev. Black had just played. 27..... Kh8.

What did the future patriarch of Soviet chess see in this position?

Highlight the text between the square brackets for the answer
[28. Rxe5! dxe5 (28... Qxe5 29. Qxf8+ Ng8 30. Qf7 Nf6 31. Rd1 guarding the back rank +-) 29. d6 Qd8 30. dxc7! Qxd2 31. Qxf8+ Ng8 32. c8=Q Black resigns 1-0]

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