Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Got Away With Another Win

This game was played a few moments ago on FICS. Black has just played 19. Rd7. Clearly Black is intending to double on the d-file and come swinging around entrapping the Queen with Rd2. I wasn't afraid of swapping a Queen for 2 Rooks in this case as the position is fairly open but what I am worried about is that pesky Knight on c6. And Q+N combinations are particularly deadly.

Another problem with my position was that pawn on b5 holding everything up and I desperately wanted that square c4.

I took sometime to consider and played the best response I could think of at that moment. I targeted the b-pawn.

20. a4! Rfd8? (Black's best response is probably....a6 and my counterplay has all but gone but my opponent appeared too focused on his attack)
21. axb5 (now I'm winning I've broken through his weak pawn chain and attacking his Knight) Rd2??
22. Qxc4+ 1-0 (Black loses a piece after Qxc4 23. Bxc4+ Kh8 bxc6)

Another lucky win (not too particularly happy). I'll fire up Fritz on this position when I get home.


  1. i wasnt sure why you would split off to another post when your prior efforts seemed both so excellent and comprehensive both alike.

    at the same time, your real readers will assuredly find you, so apparent discontinuity or fracture need only exist in the brain.

    thus, i understand the need to start over fresh... and, for now, can simply welcome you and let you know im adding you links now to my sidebar.

    greetings from the far north to the land down under.

    warm regards, david

  2. hello dk,

    Thanks very much for your comments.

    I apologies for spinning off because I had studies+whole host of other issues the last couple of months that needed attending to and couldn't spend the time needed to update it during that time and I felt that perhaps starting a new one would give me fresh impetus to actually keep one up-to-date.

    Btw I love your blog and esp. those photos on your blog. They're stunning, to say the least!