Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not Very Manly

I didn't participate in the end for the Manly Springs Tournament as the arrangements have already been made. Steven arrived late as my nephew was having rehearsals and his match had to be postponed. I may not be attending Manly Chess Club in the future as it's too far and takes half an hour to drive home to my place.

Overall, it's a nice little club but the distance is proving way too much for me to overcome.

I also have this matter of studies that I need to do.


  1. i understand.

    personally, if i have to drive two miles, to me that is a long trip, as i just dont like to drive. albiet, i am confident at the wheel, and have a nice enough car, but it just feels more and more like an unnatural process, as i mature, in an unsustainable world.

    our reasons well might be different (but have the same result), and apart from feeling about 'it' and unrelated to sustainability, it just makes me tired. i am a very active person, so it is not lazyness--far from it. but we take for granted 'just driving' and, to me, it goes against the grain vehemently.

    thirty minutes? to me that is far! this maybe be forgiven...

    then again, i am the sort of person who takes ALL vegetable scraps and boils them for soup stock, wasting not one tiny scrap, so dont quite fit our world (i rinse the bowl that i just ate from with water to get all the scraps and particles out, and drink it as monks do, and at work they say: 'why do you do THAT?'), as it is, but can navigate it well, but not my favorite place!

    warmly, dk

  2. Hello dk,

    Thanks very much for your comments!

    I know, taking a half hour trip either way to a chess club isn't exactly ideal but what else can I do?

    The current chess club I go to at Ryde-Eastwood is a 10 minute drive but unfortunately, quite a number of good players have since moved on and away from there and most of the remaining players tend to prefer 10 minute blitz style games which is not exactly my cup of tea.

    The only location nearby is another chess club at North Sydney which is a reasonable 20 minute drive but unfortunately, its Tuesday time slot clashes with my work/study time.

    Decisions, decisions...

    Hmm.... it looks like I'm not alone in the home-cooking department. Hehe. I take all sorts of leftovers and make it to soup as well. Sometimes, my wife thinks I'm just plain lazy when it's my turn to cook!

    Carrots, leeks, celery make esp. great soup stock. :)