Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Endgame #2007-09-25

Took some time off my studies to practise my game in preparation for tomorrow.

I logged onto FICS and started playing. And despite weathering some early pressure, I reach an ending as shown:

Black had just played the move 58.... e4. What should White do?

There's only 2 options worth considering:
59. Kd4 or 59. Kxb4

Which would you choose? One leads to a win, the other a loss.

Highlight the solution within the brackets:
[If you pick 59. Kxb4 e3 60. fxe3 f3!! And Black's f-pawn queens. The correct answer was 59. Kd4 59... e3 60. fxe3 fxe3 61. Kxe3 Kxa7 62. Kf4 Kb6 63. Kg5 Kc5 64. Kxg6 Kd4 65. h4 Kc3 66. h5 Kxb3 67. h6 Ka2 68. h7 b3 69. h8=Q b2 and White has reached a winning K+Q v K+P endgame and Black only has a Knight's pawn and cannot draw 1-0]

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