Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Would Not Buy Any Chess Books

Yes, I would not buy any more chess books...... but chess videos...... hmmmm....... now, that's a different story.

First off, I know the amount of material in a book will always cover much more than a chess video. So what is it about chess videos that make people (ok, me, in particular) go ga-ga over them?

Welcome to the world of instant gratification. In other words, welcome to my world. I am finding myself severely short on time (did someone say time management? :) ). I have 2 exams this week and only studied one of them and the exams are tomorrow night and I have a rapid competition on tonight at my chess club. *insert scream*.

By shelling out some hard-earned $$$ on some chess material (needs pre-approval from wife first, I'll gently explain to her it's cheaper than hiring a chess tutor), hopefully, I can manage my time better. Really, I am seriously considering getting a chess video to work on chess as I can ill afford wasting any more time than is necessary between wife, studies and chess and the 1,001 odd little repair jobs needed around the house.

I am also in need of getting a chess software and am now considering between CT-ART, Chess Position Trainer or other software based on Tactics Training to brush up on my chess. I don't think I can go wrong with more tactics training.

Over the next few days, I'll be evaluating some of these software. Hopefully, I can get one applicable to my needs.

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