Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Patzers Anonymous

That was a fun night. I basically lost all my games due to carelessness and horrible endgame technique. Okay, half my brain was on my studies and trying to recall how to reset the ARP cache for a router and how Ethernet frames get processed on a network. The other half of my brain wanted to get it over and done with (which is surely no way to play a game).

I basically lost my head. Played an opening I didn't know and promptly got thrashed. I deserve it, actually. Oh well, live and learn.

Is there a support group for Patzers Anonymous? I'll be the first to sign up, that's for sure. :)

Steven, my brother-in-law surprisingly got beaten (well, considering he flew in from Melbourne, I give him that).

If this game was a proper standard game instead of a rapid game, I'll gladly burn my scoresheet than let someone else see it. It was that bad.

I want to have good memories. Sort of like Arnie in Total Recall.... does anyone know where I can get the number for Rekall?

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