Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How Do You Attack?

This game was played a few months ago, between Mikhail Gurevich and A Lie at the Arctic Chess Challenge, 2007.

In this game, White had just played 32. Kg2.

White is obviously in trouble but how can Black press on the attack? I was watching this game live on the internet and Black's next move took me completely by surprise.

What did Black play?

Highlight the answer within the brackets:

[Black could have played Qxd5 or Bd4 but Black saw an even better move. White is suffering from light-square weaknesses squares g4 and h3 are problematic squares for White. So Black played the move Qd7!! A very strong move. White has no defence to the attack and play continued as follows .... 33. Ne3 (forced but this blockades the Bishop on d2 and White is now in ever deeper trouble) Nf4+ (this temporary knight sacrifice works as Black now has an overwhelming attack) 34. Kxf3 (this capture is forced as Kf1 or Kh1 runs into Qh3+ threatening all sorts of nasty things) Qh3+ 35. Ng3 (now Black finishes White off with a pretty combination) Nh5+ 36. Ke2 Nxg3+ 37. Kd1 Rxf2 38. Qxg6 Qh1+ 0-1 ]

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